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Residential Software

All Programs Operate on Windows 10, 8, 7, etc...all the way back to XP!!

All Programs can be Accessed from Apple or Android Devices via Adtek VPC Mobile!!

Adtek VPC Mobile  
Adtek Software VPC (Virtual PC) Mobile Access
Now you can run/access ANY Adtek Program (AccuLoad, AccuDuct, AccuComm, Energy Analyzer, Electronic Consultant, Generator Consultant, Easy Loads, etc......from ANY PC, Laptop, Tablet or Phone that is connected to the internet!!!
Works with APPLE devices like iMac Computers, MacBook Laptops, iPads and iPhones!
Works with Android or Google OS Tablets and Phones!
Works on non-Windows Tablets like Samsung, etc!!
Access Adtek VPC via RDP login with a username and password
Adtek VPC RDP app is free for download onto your Windows or Apple PC's, Windows or Apple Laptops, Windows, Android and Apple Phones!

AccuLoad   via Adtek VPC: 
ACCA MJ8 Residential HVAC Heat Gain/Loss PC Program
The most user friendly ACCA approved software for calculating residential loads using Manual J8 (Rev-2.5 which is the up to date Latest) methods.
Includes ACCA Manual S Equipment Selections!
Fast, accurate, point & click features allow block, room x room and zoning calculations in just minutes!
ACCA Manual J8 Approved Heat Gain/Loss Calculations!
Add windows & walls with a simple button click
Add zones/multiple systems w/ drag and drop!
AccuCheck feature checks for input errors!
Rotate house and globally change inputs!
Includes Manual S Equipment Selection! 
Whole House

Room x Room

AccuLoad Mobile 
ACCA MJ8 Residential HVAC Heat Gain/Loss Mobile Web App
Following the same format as AccuLoad, users now have the ability to access the program via the web on any device for a mobile solution!
ACCA Approved and designed on Manual J 8th Edition.
Multiple users and multiple devices
Safari, Internet Explorer, Firefox and Google Chrome
Whole house or room x room load calculations
Access via the web with a username and password
Does not include ACCA Manual S Equipment Selection
Does not communicate with AccuDuct

AccuDuct   via Adtek VPC:
ACCA Manual D Residential Duct Design Program
Following ACCA Manual D procedures, you will be sizing your system with little to no effort. Import systems from our AccuLoad software or use as a standalone program, with no limit on systems, runouts, etc...
Add supply/return trunks and runouts
Friction rate, velocities and duct sizing
Import Multiple systems/loads from AccuLoad
Multiple reports to choose from
Incorporates drag/drop features

Analyzer    via Adtek VPC:
Residential Annual Cost Saving and Customer ROI Program
This program will dramatically show the operational cost savings of HVAC equipment: geothermal,  gas, oil, electric, and hybrid heat pumps. The use of many attractive charts, graphs, and reports will help close the sale every time!!
Compares savings for Furnaces, AC/HP, etc...
Calculations on the Bin Weather method
AHRI data is included
Compare costs of variable speed equipment
Charts: Annual Savings, ROI, Payback & More

Consultant   via Adtek VPC:
Complete Residential Selection, Pricing & Proposal Suite
The Ultimate In-Home Presentation Software. Easy-to-use, step-by-step method to provide your customers with a customized proposal while delivering a professional presentation of your dealership.
Point & click format, very little typing needed
Create a company image superior to competition
Develop a professional proposal in just minutes
Compare equipment prices
Add financing to every proposal
We import your dealer pricing for you at No Cost to you!!
We format Proposals/Quotes to match the format you want!!
We import your Logo and terms/conditions at No Cost to you!!

Administrator Adtek VPC:
Electronic Consultant User Account and Security Control
Set your security for the Electronic Consultant program by giving each member of your sales staff a username and password, along with a security level. This allows your Electronic Consultant program to be fully secure.
User Account Controls include:
Complete access to all Electronic Consultant information
Limited access to Electronic Consultant information
Limted access to Electronic Consultant Pricing Markups
Limited access to Electronic Consultant margins
Limited access to Electronic Consultant profit levels

Scheduler     via Adtek VPC: 
Electronic Consultant Scheduling & Customer Calls Optimized
An easy to use scheduling tool to assist in maximizing incoming customer calls.
Appointment Scheduler is typically used by the receptionist or other office personal of office manager or field technicians as well and allows the following:
Call in walk through of job general information collection
Easy to follow Set of Questions to quickly determine System Type
Easy to follow Customer Surveys
Set Appointments & Print out Work Schedules
Easy Export/Import into Electronic Consultant

Easy Loads   via Adtek VPC:
Super Quick and Easy Whole House HVAC Load Calculations
A quick, whole house block load program designed to provide a load in minutes!
Easy Loads is a quick and easy load calculation program designed on creating simple whole house load estimates for replacement applications!
Add walls/windows with the click of a button and calculate load estimates very quickly!
7 Fast and Easy Steps and you're done!
Based on ACCA Manual J7 (old version, not ACCA approved)
Good for a quick estimate not needing ACCA approval
For ACCA approved estimates or needing to pull a permit, use AccuLoad, not Easy Loads.

Consultant   via Adtek VPC:
Generator Consultant Easy and Fast Selections & Proposals ls
This program will allow the user to size the generator and gas line, and sell the generator in one fluid motion. Choose from a list of kW values, size the gas line, and develop a professional proposal in just minutes.
Starting/running kW values to choose from
Five simple steps to size gas line
Automatically calculates size of generator
Multiple manufacturers data pre-loaded
Print up to three seperate proposals

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