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Commercial Software

All Programs Operate on Windows 10, 8, 7, etc...all the way back to XP!!
All Programs can be Accessed from Apple or Android Devices via Adtek VPC Mobile!!

Adtek VPC Mobile  
Adtek Software VPC (Virtual PC) Mobile Access
Now you can run/access ANY Adtek Program (AccuLoad, AccuDuct, AccuComm, Energy Analyzer, Electronic Consultant, Generator Consultant, Easy Loads, etc......from ANY PC, Laptop, Tablet or Phone that is connected to the internet!!!
Works with APPLE devices like iMac Computers, MacBook Laptops, iPads and iPhones!
Works with Android or Google OS Tablets and Phones!
Works on non-Windows Tablets like Samsung, etc!!
Access Adtek VPC via RDP login with a username and password
Adtek VPC RDP app is free for download onto your Windows or Apple PC's, Windows or Apple Laptops, Windows, Android and Apple Phones!

AccuComm   via Adtek VPC:
Commercial HVAC Heat Gain/Loss Program
The most user friendly and easy to use software on the market for calculating Commercial Loads based on ACCA Manual N methods. Input systems and an unlimited number of zones (can handle the largest commercial buildings!) with a few button clicks. This program incorporates all of the easy to use features as our popular AccuLoad Residential Load program!
Add windows & walls with a simple button click
Includes Commercial Construction Values
Calculate Loads at 9am, 12pm, 3pm, 6pm (not just at peak!)
Customize/Includes Commercial Internal Load options
Ventilation Codes required are Pre-Loaded into systems!

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