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Registration Code Entry - Validation Code Request

All Programs Operate on Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, etc...all the way back to XP!!

Purchased Product Registration Codes

(You must have previously purchased the program & be running the Current Release)

 (All contact information below must be filled out to receive validation codes)

First Name:  
Last Name:  
Company Name:  
Address Additional:
Postal Code:  
Phone Number:  

Enter the Registration Code(s) Below which are displayed when you launch the program.

If No Code Shown in the Registration Box?...

1.) Right-Click on icon, then click on Properties

 (if using a tablet/touch pad, hold 2 fingers down on the icon,

then let go and the menu will appear...then use one finger and touch Properties)

2.) Next, Click on Compatibility Tab

3.) Finally, Check the box that says "Run as administrator", then click OK

Then restart the program and the registration code should in the red box....

AccuLoad Registration #
AccuDuct Registration #
EnergyAnalyzer Registration #
ElectronicConsultant Registration #
Administrator Registration #
Scheduler Registration #
EasyLoads Registration #
GeneratorConsultant Registration #
AccuComm Registration #
Refrigerant Piping Program Registration #
Refrigerant Piping Program CD Serial No. # *

* The Refrigerant Piping Program REQUIRES the CD Serial Number for Validation.

(Validation Codes are emailed within 24-hours)


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