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ACCA Approved MJ8 Load Calculation
    (Updated to the ACCA Latest Rev-2.5!)
ACCA Manual D Duct Designer
Manual S Equipment Selection & Pricing
Easy to Use Energy Savings Calculator
Easy to Use Proposal Build & Print
Track Sales & Print Reports
Calculate Cost of Equipment
Super Easy-to-Use HVAC Load Calc
Sizing & Selling of Generators

Free Tech Support!
Unlimited Licensing per Company!
   (Put the program on as many computers
     as you want!! No Extra Charge!!!)
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Successful !

Adtek is dedicated to writing software to help HVAC dealers across the country in developing a professional image. Having successfully operated a HVAC, plumbing, and electrical company for over 40 years, and created software in this industry for over 20 years, Adtek is committed to designing and updating software that is not only practical, but also professional & easy-to-use in the field.
New for 2019:

AccuLoad Mobile: Following the popular, easy-to-use format as its counterpart, AccuLoad, Mobile now allows multiple users to access this module from anywhere at anytime from many different devices, via the web.

AccuLoad: Manual S Equipment Selection, More Construction Values, Easier input of Ceilings/Floors, Add Multiple Rooms with the click of a button, Additional Reports.

Energy Analyzer: Updated AHRI Equipment, Set your start heating and cooling temps for calculations, Customizable Reports.

Electronic Consultant: Additional Financing Options, Additional Reports, Customize the look of your proposal, Importation of your Net Pricing, Easier Job Costing.

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